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Acquired for international distribution in 2018 by Indie Rights Movies, BUGS is a feature about helplessness, paranoia, and the bugs that inspire us to scream.

Decay Mag says "...The background score...adds intensity and gives the viewer a rush of adrenaline.  Whether it's the dramatic theatrical sounds or the soft eerie melody, the score prepares the viewer for what will happen.  Even with this indicator, some scenes can't predict and deliver a shock."

Midnight Horror show says "...outstanding sound, music, and special effects departments...definitely used the budget for this film wisely, and it shows."

Recent Film Scores



Premiering at the 2018 Academy Award qualifying L.A. Shorts Festival, ESCALA is a film about a young violinist.



Based on the true story, ESCAPE premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018.


This PSA was created by an entirely female crew.  Each vignette has its own director, the majority of whom are survivors of the experiences portrayed.

The Huffington Post says "...a group of young female filmmakers from LA has gotten together to add a visual component to the outcry: ten women directors have created a #MeToo PSA...Each segment is directed by a woman who knows of the issues involved."