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Miriam Mayer assisted 5-time Oscar-winner John Williams on many of his classic scores including, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN; STAR WARS, THE PHANTOM MENACE; and CATCH ME IF YOU CAN

Her violin and viola grace several hundred film scores, including Oscar-winner Michael Giacchino’s scores to RATATOUILLE and UP.  She has composed playful scores for television, including HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO (hey! somebody had to do it). 

As one of the industry’s most experienced and versatile women composers, she scored the award-winning horror feature, BUGS: A TRILOGY; the award-winning horror feature, BLOOD OF THE MUMMY; the Cannes Film Festival-premiered short film, ESCAPE; the multi-award winning short film ESCALA; and scored the nationally recognized PSA,  #METOO.  

Miriam is a native of Los Angeles, a voting member of the EMMYS Television Academy, and is currently the worst surfer on Malibu beach.


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The filmmakers of #METOO

Nationally-recognized PSA

Burbank Film Festival Premiere of the feature film TWELVE

Burbank Film Festival Premiere of the feature film TWELVE

Scoring styles include Action, RomCom, Humor, Horror, Commercial